Friday, April 24, 2009

? Too much for a Title Today

I tried to get on an hour ago but our Internet was not working. After a quick call to Comcast we are back up and running. :)

I really need to get some cleaning done today, so far I got the fridge done and vacuumed. That's a pretty good start since its not even 8:10am. But the best part of today is I am getting my hair done (which it still looks good) but it can look so much better! I am going to cry when we have to move again and I have to find someone new to do my hair. I have gotten so many bad cuts moving that I think I gave up until Carly cut my hair. She fixed all the mess and its amazing how much that just your hair can change how you feel. :)

On a totally different note: I miss working with other people, I don't miss working for someone else but I miss the friends you make working somewhere else. Other than that I LOVE my current job, I just need to figure out the key to managing my time and not getting sidetracked by other things going on in the house. Working at home is hard because of that. I think it will help that my computer is now with all my beads in the basement. I get more done in the basement since it is my space. I can make a huge mess and then when I am done close the door and go upstairs and relax. The sad thing is I NEVER let my workspace get messy when I worked for other people.

This weekend I am getting a new long table (like ones at churches, garage sales) so I don't have to set things on the floor. My new light box kicked some stuff off my small table. I have a couple of magazine pictures of how I want my space organized when we get a house and this table doesn't fit into that but it will move with me everywhere we go. I also can use it for my garage sale, and I will have less of a mess. I might get some rolling carts to slide under it and keep supplies. Hummm....I better save up for that idea, I have spent way to much this month. Well not really if I hadn't bought my laptop, which I am so glad I got.

I did buy some great fabric yesterday and some supplies to make a laptop bag. I really haven't been thrilled with any bags I have seen and the ones I have liked were $75-$100. Way to much when I can make one with the pockets where I want. I know another project, what was I thinking! But I just spent all that money on a new computer, and it needs to be protected when we go home next month. I cant just carry it around by itself. Plus it gives me a reason to sew, I never sew anymore which is sad since I have a degree in apparel design and textiles. I did buy a pattern since I have never made a bag like this but it is more a template since I am increasing the size and changing the pockets. I am giving myself 1 hour today to work on it, and then I have to go back to beading. I have 4 weddings that I am doing some form of jewelry for on top of my custom orders. I think I need to invest in a huge planner like they have at salons so I can segment my day out to certain projects. That or I need to steal my sister Molly and make her yell at me to get to work.
Two plus weeks and Handmade Obsessions is going to get a face lift. Cheryl (my other sister) works on websites as a job. She does great work but with going back to school and working for people that pay with money instead of jewelry she hasn't had much time for even sleeping. School is over for her is 2 weeks so she said she can help then. Yeah! She is transferring my logo into a vector program (like Adobe Illustrator) which I can do but I am not sure how to put it into my website, and she is creating a custom template for my pages for me to list items for sale. I have one but it doesn't quite fit what I want and I have no clue how to change it. Instead of getting frustrated and wasting my precious time trying to learn, she can do it :) I think I may pay her in real $ though since she will be starting grad school in the fall and will need the dough. She also doesn't really wear jewelry (How is she my sibling?) so I really should give her money.
Now that I have wasted an hour online I should really get to work. Have a good weekend!


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