Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slow Moving

Well I didn't get moving as early as I wanted this morning but when you stay up until almost 2 am that's what you should expect. That and I haven't been drinking tons of coffee today. I really wanted to share my Easter tree, the eggs are all hand painted from my trip to Germany about 8-9 years ago. This is one of the few items of my large mass of junk I am keeping.

I finally got everything listed on ebay, its no wonder some people do that as a job. It's really time consuming and no one reads the info. They just send stupid questions.

But I haven't yet ventured to check on my dresser drawer, I think today is the last day of testing how many coats of stain I need. That means as soon as I get special orders done and all this silly doll junk shipped I am digging into refinishing mode because all these piles of doll clothes and my own clothes are driving me nuts. I think that may not be until Thursday of next week :( At least the doll clothes will be gone before that.

Here is that photo I promised from my mini greenhouse. The cucumbers are in first place for growth, they grew over an inch from yesterday. I still have ZERO peppers. Maybe they are late bloomers?

The sun is missing in the sky here today so I doubt that my plants will grow quite as much today. Happy Thursday!


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