Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waffles Waffles Waffles

I am not in the best of moods this morning. Now I have ebayers that think I have magic shipping abilities. I wish! I have one that paid Monday night at 9:26pm (that's what time paypal says) and she has emailed me 4 times asking when its shipping even though I sent her an email at 4:00pm yesterday that it was mailed. And I am not talking super nice requests about shipping. I only charged $3.50 to ship it, give me a break. Sigh, sorry! I am not sure how people do that full time, it explains the feedback I have gotten when I pay right away and don't ask questions. They must be thrilled.

Waffles! (Those are happy thoughts for those that don't know) I am off to ship 4 more items and then Friday will be the last day of shipping (the last 3 items end tomorrow). I may be throwing myself a party. :} I am so glad that after this I am going back to making things I love all day.
It just occured to me that my Waffle thought for today was that I got 3 huge bags of wheat free dog treats at Petco on sale for under $3 each! Normally those are over $6 each. That sounds like overload for such a small guy, but I keep some in each car and I am taking some over to my friends house so he can have treats with his dog friends when we go for walks. That is a good deal for those, they are NEVER on sale.

The picture is of just the Jalapenos, still no bell peppers. I think we may be eating really spicy grill food this summer.


Laura said...

Waffles are amazing. Can you add some maple syrup to them or a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream? :) Great blog.

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