Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pajama Green Day

Today has been a busy day. Normally I get up in the morning get ready for "work" and head downstairs. Today I went to work in my pajamas :) I must look a sight though as I also have a head light on. Sounds stupid huh! But I have to tell you it is AWESOME! Colin has one that he uses when we go camping, working on the cars etc. he never puts it away since he is always using it. I figured why not and bought one last week at a sporting store going out of business. I figured it was handy for camping and better than a flashlight as it requires no hands. Even better it provides great light for beading. Its my new best friend!

Anyways I thought I would share some new items I have been making today. First is the button bracelet I talked about yesterday. Today I started working with Rose Quartz and ended up solely with Olive Jade (I just realized my head lamp is the same color). I may need to use Colin's tomorrow for another color inspiration. My PMC clay is almost ready as well :) (PMC clay is precious metal clay, when fired it turns into fine silver). Be prepared for lots of pics.

Custom Button Bracelet with Pearls
Olive Jade Chain Set

Olive Jade Earrings

Olive Jade Dangle Set

Serpentine Bracelet

Serpentine Earrings

Rose Quartz
I was good today and added a few of these to Etsy since my website is waiting on Cheryl.


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