Monday, April 13, 2009

High Hopes....Reality is Higher :)

So even with all the continuing stupid questions I keep getting about my items on ebay I am THRILLED. Remember when I was excited that I could recover my chair and then even more excited when I hit $540? We have exceeded that, and I am just astounded! I am $7 away from $1000 (yes your eyes read that right). YEAH! I do not think that this is teaching me a lesson for keeping things though.

Now I am confused at what to do with my new fortune. There are so many places it can go, too many in fact. So I have decided that I am saving $300 to recover my chair. This is more than it needs, but since I know Colin will make me keep my new furniture until I die I am going for exactly for what I want. It may be pricey $$$, and the rest is going towards our house fund. Colin told me to save it for something I wanted since it was my stuff but I want to stop moving around the U.S. most and get a house right? I do, I would just like my chair not looking so sad when we get there :)

Well I am off to mail a few boxes and then I will be back to finish my custom orders and start packaging those up. Happy Monday!

P.S.-There is ONE pepper in sight! Last night I realized that I used some leftover soil on the pepper container (not the same as in all the others) it must not have as much good stuff in it. I may need to start the peppers over :( I'll give them a few days though.


Brandislee said...

Congrats! I'm kinda jealous. I'm still holding onto the idea of making stuff to sell, too, but what I am going to make keeps changing. We'll just have to see. Part of the problem, obviously, is that nothing that I make is really original. I'm trying to work on that by coming up with my own patterns for a baby carrier and baby shoes. But there's no way I would make bank like you are! I love making money without a job, sporatic as that money is. I have made about $150 in the past two weeks just selling stuff my kids are grown out of. Oh, and let me know when you want me to pay for that necklace. I can't wait to see it!

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