Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To being Focused....Good Luck!

Well I thought I might add a quick note before the day gets going and I don't have time to get on here. I finally got another coat on one dresser drawer last night and a few more things added on ebay.

If I have not added the combined shipping option on ebay it is really not an option for buyers is it? Well unless I as the seller decide that it is possible. (I had too many strange shaped items and then dresses to sell, offering combined shipping would make me lose a ton of money.) I have one goofy lady that keeps e-mailing me about checking on cheaper shipping and combining items. I can not combine a book that is 30"x 30"x 4" it wont fit with other items! What I put for shipping is what I want paid, I do have to find a box to fit that in. My time is not free, Right! Anyways I might combine some smaller items for her but not all of them. I went off the shipping costs on the same items sold by others, mine are usually lower by the way. I may not want to do this again after it is all over. Oh, right now she has outbid everyone on everything I am selling, I'm not sure if that is good or not.

Sorry for the rant. Happy News/thoughts, or waffles as my sister would say. When I got up this morning I saw I have a few more sprouts :) Several Zinnia's, Snow Peas, and one lone Cucumber has peeked up. Yum!

P.S.-The drawer most likely needs at least one more coat probably 2 more to be the color I would like. My furniture is all really dark wood, and this is the darkest Minwax stain they sell but Walnut doesn't draw it in very well since it is such a hard wood. Either way the color is turning out nicer than the old stain which I am not a fan. Of course I have been to cheap and short on time to change it in the last 5 years. Once I get the drawer done I will post before and after photos.


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