Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Typing Dig

I know I was going to save my loot from selling my doll but I got fed up with my computer kicking me out of my programs and locking up. Colin doubled the memory in it only a few weeks ago hoping that would help me but I think its just outdated and old. Silly computer, it wasn't a real nice model when I bought it, my old laptop crashed 5-6? years ago and I needed a computer on a college student budget. My monitor was a hand-me-down from a friend of Colin's until he bought me a flat screen a few years ago. I don't think he liked moving a 17" old HUGE monitor.

Anyways I researched laptops since that was what I have been wanting. I took the plunge and got a new 4G HP with a 6 hour battery life. Colin even got a deal on them taking all the extra junk software off (Best Buy charges $150, we did not pay that!) So I am adding this to my list of priority's, now I can work on my website without getting kicked off and I can install Photoshop and Illustrator again and actually use them. My old computer couldn't handle Photoshop anymore. :( Once I save up a little I am going to take the old computer in and have it cleaned up, I can still use it and save photos so they don't take up space on my new gadget.

I better get to work on new items for sale since I blew all but $250 of the money I made. I need to put some money in our house fund like I promised myself. I also need to find a pattern to make a 17" laptop bag since the cool ones on Etsy cost too much. I have to be cheap somewhere!


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