Friday, April 10, 2009

Super Cucumbers

The lack of sun didn't seem to phase those cucumbers but alas I still have no peppers. I hope I don't have to buy any garden plants.....I was trying to stray away from that so I would have more $ for flowers.

I can't wait until this ebay junk is gone! People cannot read and are still sending stupid questions. I wish it was socially acceptable/ebay ok to just send that they need to "learn how to read" back in the message etc. Since I got everything posted though I can focus upon other areas I need to work on. I spent over 4 hours checking that I got my entire order and putting it away. Today after I pick the house up I have to start on all those custom/special orders. Colin is going golfing tomorrow so I have that time as well, I have to be speedy since Monday the shipping conundrum begins.

Oh I need to get going on my website as well, my sister called and yelled at me to get moving. I still don't have any pictures or links yet. :( I definitely bit off more than I can chew this week. Next week is going to be worse due to this weeks side effects. I give up, I am not a focused person. At least not at sticking to just one thing going on, lets face it I would be bored with my life. This mess is just who I am! :)

Have a great Weekend!
P.S.-I think I may strip that drawer again! I am up to 5 coats and still not happy with it. I may try some Mahogany Minwax Gel stain that I have from an old project. I normally don't like using it because it works more like paint, but it may be the right way to go. 5 coats is too much, especially if I don't like it. That and I need my drawers back! To continue using the stain I am currently testing on this project would take much to long once I actually get to the dresser. (I have 12 drawers, 1 dresser, 1 chest, and a mirror) Any suggestions?


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