Saturday, April 11, 2009

Junk Junk Junk

I am super stoked today about how well the bids are going on my doll's accessories etc. I am above $500 right now! YEAH! Ok I will be calm now :) When I checked my ebay account this morning it just made my day. Now I am torn, I wanted to put it in savings for my new furniture but in October we are going to Vegas for my friend Joyce's wedding. And no we can't cut out that cost as I am a bridesmaid and I know she needs all the support I can throw at her for numerous reasons.

1)Even on her tough days she is one of the strongest people I know.
2)She is always there to listen, she is one of those people you meet and just click with.
3)None of the guys she has dated have been worthy, but I like Scott a lot. He is really good for her in so many ways.
4)She keeps beating this cancer and I know how much pain in many areas of her life it has caused and she is still smiling.
5)She is my family and I will always be there like a family is supposed to be. I hope hers realizes that some day.

Sorry that was slightly depressing but that's what been on my mind after I talked to her last night. I am super excited to see her when we are in Kansas for a week before Lexi's wedding.

Here is a photo of my mini greenhouse this morning, the plants pushed off the lid this morning. Still no peppers though :( I am going to plant some more using some cheap helpful hints from MrBrownThumbs blog. He has great information, and next time I need seeds I am using his recommendations.

I know I am supposed to be working on those custom orders and I have been but today I think I am going to try this. 320 Sycamores blog had used this idea for her gorgeous wall art with plates. I am going to decorate some hard boiled eggs for our neighbor lady next door (her grandson is coming tomorrow). This looks so much neater than just dying them. By the way I learned Modpodge is not toxic so it wont hurt to eat them if the egg was cracked when I made it, I don't think that would taste good though.

Gunther needs a haircut BAD, he looks like a real Silky Terrier which he is but Colin and I think he looks like he is wearing a dress when his hair gets too long. This is not a very good picture of that effect though. He also doesn't look quite so sad with short hair. Hopefully I can get that accomplished with my other items, I am on hold right now. Wait they cant get him in until April 20th, we have to call another place :(

My dresser drawers are on hold for the week, I am not going to mess with them at all until everything else is done. I am not happy with the 5th coat and I am going to strip it and try other options. I have to set some kind of goals/guidelines and that is the one thing I can cut out :( that means my clothes stay in piles. I better get off here and start working.


Brandislee said...

Hey, I'll take whatever you can send me. Scott keeps asking me "what do you need all those buttons for, what are you going to do with them???" Well, stuff. For example, I made Izzy's Easter Dress and accidentally made the buttons holes too small for the buttons I bought- step in your buttons, conveniently sorted by color, so it only took a moment for me to find three matching pink buttons.

I don't know if I'll use them too much for baby accessories, though. One of the ones I used on Ollie's shoes ended up breaking apart (I think it was already cracked a little when I put it on), and I wouldn't want to give them to someone and have their baby choke on a broken button. But it's nice to have a stash of buttons for clothes and stuff.

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