Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stay on Track....Stay on track.....I need to take my own advice :)

I shouldn't even be on here but I have began to realize I normally get a schedule in my head of what I need to be working on everyday when I hop on here. I need to be on here because it seems to be the one constant of my scatterbrained "creating" schedule.

NO Yard work (its not as nice today as yesterday was anyways)
Drop Gunther off to get a haircut (he has an appointment that I scheduled over a week ago)
Make 2 new button bracelets (I have the buttons all laid out, new colors!)
Make 2 new necklaces
Open supply order and put away :) (This may mess up the rest of the list, I get sidetracked)
Laundry (this never ends)
Refill my earring stands
Make up or find a new pattern for Mother's day gifts (I have no clue this year)
Pick up the mess in the craft closet that I made getting the box of paper out to organize
Unload the dishwasher
Prep PMC clay for cross
Take 5 pictures and put on website

And yes I have to throw in the cleaning items or I will forget them! We have such a little house it gets dirty fast but is also fast to clean :) Look forward to some new pictures of jewelry! I am pretty sure that was why I started this blog.


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