Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rambling.....I can't sleep

I can't seem to sleep yet I am exhausted. I started the whole ebay thing this morning, wait yesterday morning and have been working at it off and on all day. I drank over half a pot of coffee by myself. It juiced me up so I managed to get the dresser drawer stained again, 3 is still not enough coats. I also managed to get almost all of my items on ebay, I will finish up with posting about 3 more and then I should be done until I have to ship. That is going to be a nightmare since I have over 30 listings right now.

Good news is that right now I have enough in bids to recover my side chair to coordinate with the new couches I am saving for. I really don't like the black leather one we have but nothing is wrong with it :( I still am getting bombarded with questions and today one was interesting. The bidder wanted to know if I would sell her the item for $60.00 plus shipping! (She didn't want to bid) I had not set it up for a Buy It Now and once someone bids you can't change the listing. Oh well she is out of luck, too bad because I would have done it since right now the bid is only $5.00 but it has 19 people watching. I really hope it sells for that much. By the way it is only a single outfit with a hat, slipper shoes, and a doll size life preserver. CRAZY!

Once I am not supposed to be sleeping I will post a new picture of my mini greenhouse, it grew so much during the day! The only thing not sprouting yet is my jalapenos and mini bell peppers. Maybe they will be peeking out when I get out of bed, that is if I go.

I accomplished something even greater today, my friend Mandy showed me how to skateboard on a long board! I didn't fall once! That is amazing for me so I have to gloat a little as I am not skilled in riding a bike, rollerblading, or things like skateboarding etc. I never really fully learned how to do any of those things since we lived on a dirt road and I had a horse. Next week we are going to break out the Rollerblades Colin bought me almost 2 years ago that I have never tried (he also bought me knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, etc.) I think I scare him! I know I did last time I went flying over my handlebars on my bike. Maybe I just need a helmet :) Either way that excites me to be trying new things and not killing myself!

P.S.-FedEx claims my supplies will be here tomorrow (wait today) sometime so I better get to bed so I can get up super early and get things done so I can start making those special orders. Goodnight/Good morning since it is almost 1am pacific time.


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