Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am so NOT focused!!!!!

So that whole staying focused thing I mentioned in January, today I blew it big time. So far this week I have taken 2 drawers out of my dresser to refinish them. My socks and similar items are on top of my dresser and all of my undergarments are living in a chair in my office. So today instead of putting another coat of stain on the drawer I am testing I decided to research selling my American Girl items. Bad, Bad, Bad, idea!

I now have piles of items all over my office and hallway on top of the clothes that have no drawers to live in. Colin is way too patient with me as all he asked was what I was doing when he saw the HUGE new mess I have created. (The one with the trunk on the right is a pile of things that have bids on them) Last week he asked me where my tidy side went. (? beats me) While I was researching/looking at what items I have, I discovered that my doll, Samantha was retired. Some items are going for a lot and some not so much. I so far have only listed 8 items/groups and have bids on all of them. Who knew that doll items were such a high commodity. I guess it was good I never really had normal toys like barbies and have been saving them.

Anyways while I have been typing this my phone keeps dinging that I have messages (from ebay) with questions. I hope all of this sells before my bead supplies come, it has taken me over! I have been trying to type this post for over 2 hours now. I meant to share that I have a few sprouts in my mini greenhouse for my garden. :) 3 Zinnias and 3 snow pea plants!
I think I may have bit off way more than I can chew! At least I can put all of this money from my doll junk towards my new couches when we move. I am doing much better than I would selling them on my garage sale (right now just the trunk is at over $110). Yeah, for me hauling around so much junk for so long!!!! Does anyone need a dollhouse as big as me?


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