Friday, December 2, 2011

Warm and Cozy

I am nice and cozy sitting in my sweats and slippers curled up with the puppies. It is icy and cold outside, I would hate to be our dogs needing outside when the snow is taller than their poor short legs. Should we be doing things, of course....lots and lots of things but staying warm sounds much nicer.

Yesterday I braved the nasty weather and got a pedicure and manicure...note flip flops do not work in snow. Then did a little shopping and wrapped all the Christmas gifts my Mamo bought for her adopt a family. She and my cousin picked out some really nice things but we both think more than one toy would be good for the kids (they needed clothes, pjs, underwear etc.). She got one toy for each and those essentials so I think Monday I am going to go pick up a small toy for each and either a grocery card, movie theater card or a restaurant card for the parents. Both parents only had essentials on their lists, things that their family needs so I think it would be nice to give them something for them. I know she spent more on them than she intended but we both agreed we would much rather help unfortunate others. Yes we both have bills and debt but you feel so much better helping those that have so little. Next year I am either going to save a little more for Christmas or cut our personal gift budget down so we can help out more. We used to do that as an entire family, not sure when we stopped. :( That makes me feel more in the Christmas spirit than all the holiday music playing everywhere you go.

So right now I am trying to figure out what 5 year old little boys like and 7 year old little girls like? At least I have a few days because I am not going shopping at the toy store on a Saturday in December. That would equal ZERO relaxation on a weekend.


Angela Tolsma said...

I have always wanted to do the adopt a family. Especially since Mr.'s family and us don't really do presents anymore it would be more fun and beneficial to help another family out.

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