Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kindle or a Nook

I have wanted an e-reader for quite awhile. I read a lot, usually books that are given to me. Because of this I read a lot of different genre. I put an e-reader on my Christmas list because its a wish list. There are so many things I need and the e-reader doesn't even make that list but we all have dreams right? So anyways my husband asked me which one I liked better...maybe he is considering it. He prefers to get me things I want and don't always need. You never know what he is planning because he is pretty sly about these things.

Here are my thoughts on them.

Nook: If I have a problem I can walk into the store and get help. My Mamo has one and we can share books. The price is higher. Library friendly. Barnes & Noble membership discount doesn't look like it works on electronic books.

Kindle: Lots of brick and mortar stores sell them, can I go into them if there is a problem? I have quite a few friends with Kindles that I can share books with. Better price. Library friendly. Can use my Swagbucks $$ to buy books.

I would be happy with just a standard model (preferably a touch screen) but if my husband is buying one knowing him he will get the colored screen (higher model of either brand). I see benefits of the higher models but the black and white versions can be used outside with no glare. I don't read outside much but its a consideration.

So my question is which would you choose? Or would you choose another brand?


Schürl said...

Nook because I am loyal, but you don't have a membership...thief.

Kerrie said...

Yep, and I used yours yesterday again :) saved me 98 cents. I so would go for the Nook, other than saving $25 on the initial purchase it doesn't look like the discount applies to e-books which is makes me sad.

Namine said...

It really depends on what you want. I have been debating on getting the Kindle because if you follow certian Twitter links you can find tons of books for free or under three bucks. And good books. But I do wonder about getting a kindle because if something goes wrong there's nowhere to turn to.

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