Sunday, April 18, 2010

:( House Update

I thought I should share a quick update on our lives. Yesterday the home inspection wasn't as smooth as we had hoped. The house had some minor issues like any older house would and two fairly large issues. It needs a new roof as the current one is at the end of its life and the furnace is in the same boat. :( This morning we requested they have a new roof installed and a few electrical items fixed. Nothing compared to the inspectors list which had 28 items. Hopefully the sellers realize we were being reasonable not asking for more. My Uncle thinks they will see that seeing the report. Hopefully the heater has some life in it so we don't have to use up the government rebate right away instead of putting it back in our savings. At least a broken heater doesn't let water leak into the house if it goes bad, it can be fixed easier.

The positive out of the inspection is that nothing else was really bad, and those issues are just maintenance items that are worn out. Another good thing is that it has all new windows which flip inside for easy cleaning. I am trying to look at the upside until we get a response from the sellers. It's nerve racking for both of us. I hope everything goes ok since I have no clue what we will do if it doesn't. I really don't want to think about that....

Another upside, I acquired 2 old side chairs from my mom's friend Peggy. They bought a house down the street from my parents and it was full of junk. She gave the chairs to me for $5 each so tomorrow I am painting them black and reupholstering them. Hopefully they turn out as nice as I am picturing them in my head. My camera is charging so I will share tomorrow and Tuesday. I am excited to have something to focus on for the moment.

Hope you had a good weekend with no stress! Now I am just looking forward to Colin coming back as I dropped him off at the airport and wont see him for 2 weeks. :( That is one of my least favorite things about moving between states. Enjoy your week!


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