Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Morning

Just wanted to say good morning. We had a great long weekend, my best friend from home came and stayed with us for Easter weekend. Yeah! Several of the activities Spokane has to offer were utilized during that time. We rode the carousel, the gondolas that swing over the river, and a few other things we haven't done since we moved here. A great way to end living in the northwest.

After the weekend I rode back up to Seattle with her for a girls day. Even better! Then I took a bus back to Spokane last night, it was an interesting experience. I am definitely ready to head back to CO and stay. Especially since I have very little to do until we leave.

I really want to share what I bought in Seattle but hate to unwrap it right before we move. I am looking forward to sharing once we actually get moved. Colin may not let me hang out with Crystal for another 3 years though because I came home with so much from shopping. :) We did find shoes for my sisters wedding though, so we were somewhat productive.

Enough about shopping....unfortunately when you have nothing to do it sounds like a good idea. I will be spending the next week clearing out junk and cleaning the house before we head to CO.

I also on another note want to put a prayer out for my Aunt Doris who has had cancer several times and it is back again, this time in her bones. I love her and hope that she kicks it again. I am really glad that we are moving close since I know she may need help and her daughter is due to have her baby right now. She is having surgery today and I am praying she is ok.


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