Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zero Sleep and a Sick Pup

I need to vent about why I really need to sleep. It involves Gunther again, of course.

I haven't written about him being sick since that first major attack. Needless to say he has been sick since then. We had to initially continue the antibiotics for 2 weeks longer than the vet would have liked since he was so bad. After that he gained some weight back plus a little and was the heaviest ever in his short 4+ years. That didn't last long as late last week I had to cut him off from food again to prevent an attack. That equated into ONE single night of uninterrupted sleep. Since then it has gotten worse. Last night he woke me up 11+ times (I lost track at 11) between 10:40pm and 5:48 this morning. There was a fire at 6:18 down the street so I was woken up again by sirens. :(

Today is my poor husbands birthday as well and he also got very little sleep. :( I felt like just saying "birthday" because "happy" didn't seem appropriate. At least he laughed when I told him that, but he agreed with me which is sad.

I am frustrated in so many ways about this. First of all Gunther is my baby, we love him to death even when he is a pain. On the other side of that love neither of us wants him to suffer and that is hurting us because we know he is. He is getting increasingly crabbier and snappy with our puppy as well as me. I want to stress that even as a puppy he wasn't mouthy and never bit, he is so uncomfortable he snapped at me for picking him up. Very unlike him and its getting worse.

The frustration tops off with us finally moving, I have to go through all of the explanation with new vets again. Which is even more frustrating than a normal move because of the point we are at. I at least am switching to my parents vet until we find a house in Denver. She is a great vet and she took care of and put down my last dog as well as my cat. She has taken care of numerous animals my family has owned and I trust her. I am still sad about our vet here, if she is in the neighborhood she just stops by to check on Gunther for no cost. She is awesome!

I really wish this would go away and he would be like a "normal" dog with pancreatitis and it be very rare and caused by him eating something bad etc. instead of just being a constant. He is our constant when we move, that loyal friend that is always there. It gives me a feeling of sadness that I know we are closer to making a decision I dread.

Sorry this was so down in the dumps and probably doesn't make any sense, more so than my normal rantings. I am just so tired and depressed about this I can't help it.


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