Thursday, March 18, 2010

An upcoming DIY Upholstery Job

This is a project I have been putting off since we moved to Spokane...well over a year. Partially I have been afraid to take it apart thinking I wont be able to put it back together. The sad thing is my mother gave it to me to practice upholstering something more complicated than a dining room chair. The right arm/side looks awful from her cat clawing it (if the cat hadn't been my grandfathers I am not sure poor Tu-Tu would be alive).

(Lots and lots of welting, this is my biggest fear!)

I finally got the guts to start seriously thinking about what this process will entail. As of right now pulling lots and lots of staples. I have read and re-read the Upholstery book I bought months ago. It is a great book, easy to read and wonderful photos. Its called Simply Upholstery published by Sunset. I think I bought it off Amazon for around $12. I need one more tool, tack strips, a bunch more staples and the right fabric. Still not so inexpensive as fabric alone is costly.

So here is my problem, I can't pick a fabric. First problem is I love bright patterns (I don't want our house looking like a circus), second problem is I can't pick a room for it to live in(that screws up picking a color combo), third problem is I want to spend less than $15 a yard (preferably less than $10 since this will be a trial).

We don't have enough seating in our family room and I think it will still be awhile until I can get the couch we have been saving for. So I think I might do the chair in a white/black fabric with black welting to coordinate with our other side chair. Maybe a fabric like this. This fabric is even under $10 a yard. :)
(Underside where I have began tearing it apart)
I am hoping that it is possible to stay under $100 for this entire project. Though I don't have any clue what tack strips cost. I will be reusing the zippers on the cushions to save. Tomorrow and the next few days I am going to spend my time taking the chair apart. Once I have that completed then I will purchase the supplies I need. Hopefully I get this done before we move so I don't have a giant mess. Wish me luck!


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