Monday, March 22, 2010

Chunky Funky Button Bracelet

I am going to share a few terrible photos of a new style button bracelet. It is a "sample" of the jewelry my sister would like for her bridesmaids. She wanted chunky and vintage and of course I have an overload of buttons. :) First she wanted teal shades but has switched to "Horizon Blue" (Check out Davids Bridal to see that color). I am not terribly fond of the blue as I wore it in a wedding last October, but I will oblige. I kind of prefer this teal combo she originally chose.Please note I have very FEW buttons in that color and it is a rare shade to find. If you own any or see any I would forever be grateful if you would gift, sell, tell me where they are, or whatever to me.

So here are the gorgeous....cough cough hack photos of the bracelet. Maybe I should have taken the time to go downstairs and use my light booth. :)


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