Monday, March 29, 2010

Fantastic Monday and the last Few Days

So I have to share a very small tidbit of info. This is so far has been the BEST last few days.

1) The whole moving plan/buying a house. (See my last post and the last few months if you need to know why.)

2) An email about writing patterns for textile designer.

Since I haven't written about #2 and the details are limited due to her publisher etc. I will explain briefly. Basically I can use my skills that I acquired during college and over the years from sewing. It would be doing technical design from her ideas basically writing and drawing out the directions and plans for different items. Then making sure my directions work. Similar to what I sent to manufactures while working at Cabela's, only I have to also make the item. I know I am a bit rusty using my software but since I am home I have time to refresh. Yeah! I am excited to see what she has designed that needs my help but also to be using my degree. Bonus is it will pay slightly and I will get credited for my technical work in her upcoming book. I knew there was a reason I started following blogs and spending endless hours checking out numerous sites!

Anyways I am aligning a few things on my end to make sure I can complete everything she needs in the time constraint for the publisher before I commit. Either way it gave me a boost of excitement and pride that I am still useful in something that I really miss. This Monday ranks at the top of all Mondays!


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