Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi my name is Kerrie

Thought I would check in and say HELLO since I have been away for so long. I planned on posting some new items on HandmadeObsessions and a post several days ago but life took over.

The puppy I puppy sit during the week left us this morning. :( His owner, a friend that works with Colin was asked to move back to Denver Friday. Super fast! So I am selling his furniture on Craigslist since he didn't want to move it. We will miss them but are glad they got to move back. I am crossing my fingers that we get similar good news shortly as the VP from Colin's company flies up here tomorrow.

We are so ready to move closer to home! And definitely buy a house so we hopefully aren't on the traveling team next time they have a job out of state. Both Colin and I can't wait to have that opportunity as all of his hobbies require a garage.

I had a huge pile of coupons to JoAnn fabrics that I really didn't want to waste so I took myself fabric shopping this morning. That turned into also going to Burlington Coat Factory....they had a lot of shirts for $4.99. It was great retail therapy and now I have some summer shirts as well as some fabric and patterns to make some.

Since I have been away for so long here is a new Rocker Baby bib and burp cloth set I will be posting shortly.


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