Friday, March 12, 2010

Freshening up the house with Happy Items!

What do you do when your brain is on overload? You make things! :) I decided I would like some new tea towels in the kitchen so I put together some of my coordinating scraps and am making a new set of towels. Note: Now I think I have a new wedding/housewarming gift idea. I am not normally a fan of pink but when I bought these fabrics they just grabbed me. I definitely buy most fabrics on impulse, yet I still like them later which is good.

Here is our coffee table...I got an awesome deal on it when I worked at a furniture store while we lived in MI. I only paid $50 and it cost over $300 at the store. :) I still like it because it has great storage but don't really enjoy cleaning the glass top or worrying about it breaking every time we move. So I asked Colin if he was up for a remodel. We were going to wait until we moved to transform it but now it is our weekend project to keep our minds busy. We are turning it into an ottoman. :)
This isn't a great photo of the fabric I chose and it looks darker in person. It coordinates with our current black couch but will also go great with the tan/golden one I am saving for.
I find extras when I buy vintage buttons and the shells to make your own fabric buttons show up every once in awhile. I have quite a few different sizes! I am gearing towards the quarter size but Colin really likes the larger ones. ????? I need to buy 2 more since I only have 4 of each size. I think the smaller ones will be easier to cover as well while keeping the stripes straight.
So later today I am headed to the fabric store to use my coupons and get my supplies. Tomorrow Colin is going to cut the board to fit the top of the table and I will start applying the cushion and upholstering it. Then Colin plans on cutting the legs shorter to compensate the extra height. Yeah! And bonus I get to use my new staple gun his parents got me for Christmas! Colin is more excited about using the new saw we picked out for his early birthday present.
Hope you have a good weekend as well! I will post pictures as soon as we finish.


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