Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are you Organized?

I am an organizing freak. To some degree I think it is a problem....I don't seem to function very well when my brain is thinking about a mess. Because of this we have a TON of baskets, jars and small containers in pretty much any drawer/cupboard. I took a few, ok a LOT of pictures of my baskets. Honestly, these are just some of my containers and I am always on the lookout to make our house more organized.
Magazine/book basket, from World Market
Dog Toy Basket, from Pier One
Green tubs, from the Dollar Tree
Laundry Room closet baskets, also from the Dollar Tree
Cube shelves with baskets, both shelves and baskets are from Ikea
Baking Ingredients in jars, from World Market
Guest Towel Basket in guest bath, from Michael's craft store
Master closet baskets, from Lowes
Laundry baskets, from World Market
Master Bath makeup basket, from Walmart
Apothecary Jars in Master Bath, from Michael's craft store.
Baskets in Master bath cupboard, from Walmart
I have so many more! All I can say about this addiction is that my storage choices have made moving every year easier because we always have storage that can move around the house. In my crazy mind being organized makes our life less chaotic. A lot of our decoration in our house are the baskets/jars, I am not much for decorating items that are not functional and can't rotate to another place in the house if needed. All of our baskets (minus the laundry room) coordinate and have moved around our homes every time we have moved. I still buy things with that thought in mind even though we have bought a home and are staying.

How do you organize your house?


Namine said...

Oh this is totally awesome. Wanna come show me how?? I try but I'm not that good.

Schürl said...

I can't afford the baskets. They can be pricy, and I don't have time to watch out for basket sales. Super jealous.

Kerrie said...

Michaels is the best place to get baskets on the cheap if cash is an issue. Almost all the time they are 50% off without a coupon.

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