Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photo Friday #4 on a Sunday

I have been away and busy so I thought I would catch myself and you up from the last few weeks.

2 weeks ago we went to some Breweries with one of my best friends, my husband won a bet with my dad and this was his prize. No one ever wins bets with my dad.
Last weekend my husbands favorite cousin and her boyfriend came to visit. We REALLY liked him! We went to Joe's Crab Shack and a dueling piano bar, that was a fun night.
This week, went to Kansas for a funeral and got Cozy Burgers! I had to take this picture to tease my cousin that we were eating them. He was lucky enough that his mom took some frozen ones home to him. I ate these three days in a row....I really hope I don't get more kidney stones.
My grass seed finally is coming up in the bare parts of our yard.
Our shed with one door, I ran out of paint :( If you look to the right you can see our new almost free patio set! 
Garden Boxes with my tiny plants the back left box has peppers/tomatoes , the front box  has lettuce/onions/garlic and the back right box has acorn squash. I am trying to be healthier!
View of the left side of the flagstone addition to our patio. It looks better in person I promise! Some of the stones have fossils in them which I think is cool. My favorite part of summer is next to the house....our fire pit! :)
I am working on some orders then headed to help my mom for a few days and then out to Kansas again. Since I have been gone so much I am REALLY glad we invested in a security system. Last week I accidentally set it off, in less than a minute they made sure it was me and not a burglar.


Namine said...

love the prize!! That's awesome he won the bet.

The burger picture is hilarious!!

Your backyard is looking awesome!! I miss grass!

Have fun traveling

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