Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are you Alive....I am today

I have been a bad blogger...not on here much and nothing much of interest to say. I have religiously been reading blogs I follow and that to me is more important than me writing nonsense.

So I have been focusing on:

Planning my sisters bridal shower for the end of July. So far I have a cupcake stand, some red kitchen items and a binder with divided sheet protectors and tabs for different meal sections. She wants recipes so I am printing these recipe cards and these and these to go in the invitations and asking each guest to bring at least 2 recipes with them. Other than that I have no clue what I am doing as I am still waiting on a guest list. I am not a fan of playing games so I am not sure if I want to do that (she doesn't care). I also have no clue about food. So I am emailing her future mother in law because I know she wants to help and has no daughters. She HAS to have some ideas, right? I sure hope so....

The BEST thing happening in June is the 24th I am paying our Honda Pilot off!!!! That means we will have ZERO car payments on either vehicle. Side note is that it needs new tires but I am SUPER EXCITED that we will be done with payments. My husband still wants a Jeep and probably always will. It just isn't the best vehicle mileage wise or cost wise. I think he is wishing he wasn't responsible with money so he could convince himself that is ok to go buy one (used of course, you lose too much money on new autos). There are days I wonder if he will show up with one out of the blue because he wants one so bad. At least we will have extra money to save towards it if he makes that leap. As much as I don't want a Jeep set up to off road in (he will actually use it for that) he deserves the one thing he has been drooling about.

Other than that life is just moving along. Hope you are well and enjoying your summer!


Namine said...

good luck with the bridal shower. There's this pretty awesome website with tons of ideas and as soon as I remember what it is called I will message it to you. It has tons of ideas!

Schürl said...

I am alive. Can you save 2-3 zucchini flowers? Then call me so I can drive out to cook them. I want to try this:

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