Thursday, June 9, 2011

So I'm not that Bright....

I am sitting in my family room not moving as my "wonderful" husband keeps turning on the security system while I am home. It is my own fault as my phone has been dead for two days. He is trying to get my attention to turn my phone on and call him back. Kind of hard when he turned on the motion sensors and I can't get up to get my phone or even go to the bathroom.

So I either blame myself for being stupid and having my phone off or chew him out for turning the system on almost 30 minutes ago and not turning it back off!

Gurr....I sent him a Facebook message but as he never checks Facebook I think I am in trouble...:( Today I am not a fan of our house being secure.


Schürl said...

I am laughing at you today. :D

Namine said...

oh doesn't sound like you are having a good day today! message me if you want! throw jelly beans at him when he gets home!

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