Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hey There

I have been SO busy with life I haven't been on here much!!! I guess that's what summer does!

First off I have had my phone off for weeks which is driving my husband nuts! I spend so much time on it I just needed a break, that and I get SO much done with it off. Side note you can also take naps.... Honestly I think I would never turn it back on if I had a choice. Next week I will turn it back on and join civilization again.

Second note for some reason I can not access my gmail email account. :( It has been locking up for weeks. If anyone needs to email me it is easier to use my business email. kerrie (at) As I have been spending most of my time outside that is the only email I  have been checking.

Life is good, summer is good, our house is a little hot but I am working on that! Next week new mattress and whole house fan if I can make it work! That way we have a bed in the basement if it gets too hot and the whole house fan will suck the cool air up through the house. That's my is the rest!

-June, payed off car
-July, get whole house fan and new bed
-August, save and pay bills :)
-September, Finally hang tv over fireplace, buy new stove and hood (under $1000)
-October, save and pay bills :)
-November, save and pay bills :)
-December, Christmas gifts
-January, New Year Lots of Changes!

My husband drives so much for work (he gets paid for the miles) that the first of every month we get an extra check to pay for that. Some months it is enough to bump our goals up a month! I know we pay for the gas already but it is nice that there is some padding to the budget. Somewhere  in this plan I need to add new tires for my car but I am really hoping that I will almost have enough from his extra gas paycheck one month to cover them. I have the money set aside in savings but I hate to take it out if I don't have to.

Budgets are boring but they make life SO much better and for me less stressful! I am an organizer and planner and having a list makes me happy! Have a wonderful holiday weekend, those tomorrow in Canada and those in the U.S. Monday!


Namine said...

budgets are extremely boring. But sadly they work.
I love that you have monthly plans worked out. I should do that. Good luck with your house fan and new bed!

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