Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly Money Checkup...on Tuesday

Well as yesterday was a holiday I totally forgot to do weekly money checkup!

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on a new mattress! Ours has been bothering me for quite awhile so we decided to go look at holiday deals. We also got new pillows which we needed. I slept AWESOME last night.

2. Today I am thankful that the dog we have been puppy sitting is going home tonight. Our two dogs plus an over 95lb dog is too much in one house. Not to mention I really want to deep clean right now. I am not a fan of my house being dirty....

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was enjoy a bbq with friends. We even had sparklers to play with. :)

4. I will consider this week a success if I get the house vacuumed again, dusted, steam mopped, and pull all our weeds. I cleaned the kitchen and all the bathrooms yesterday morning and shut the doors so the dogs stay out. I really need to get our shed door painted as well....

5. My favorite 4th of July tradition is relaxing. We have rarely lived in the same place every year so we don't really have any traditions. When I was a kid though my parents always threw a HUGE 4th of July party and we had to have at least a 100 people there with LOTS of fireworks. Those parties will always stand out as happy memories. Next year maybe we will go to the park and check out fireworks but this year we just relaxed and it was wonderful. Side note: My husband proposed during fireworks over a river when we lived in Michigan.

New soft extra long purple and teal blanket!
Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend, holiday or not! Saturday we enjoyed friends. Sunday we helped old friends from when we lived in AZ move to Denver and then picked out a new mattress. Monday we picked up the new mattress, my sister came and we made delicious venison burgers and cupcakes. The bonus was we went and saw the new X-men, it was pretty good. W e didn't get much done around the house....our list is still long but we had a good time. Oh, and my sister brought me a blanket she has been making me for about 4 years...it is AWESOME!


Namine said...

oh sounds like the perfect proposal!!

95 pound dog! YIKES!

OMG new pillows and mattress's are the BEST! Seriously I get a new pillow every six months because I love the feel!

Kerrie said...

You are smarter than me getting new pillows more often! Right now I am sold on the mattress...still debating about the pillow.

Sometime I will blog about the proposal, it has some funny parts. :)

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