Thursday, July 7, 2011

Virtual Shopping Trip in my Head

I feel like going shopping right now. For lots of things! I think I could spend several thousand easily dreaming.

Here is my rather extensive list:

   -New Black and Brown tall leather boots
   -New cute shirts
(One of my friends just gave me at least 5 pairs of jeans 10 pairs of shorts and lots of pants that don't fit her so I am set, and she buys nicer things than I do)
   -Gas Stove, need my dad to run a gas line for it. (October)
   -Microwave hood, so I have more counter space. (October)
   -Dishwasher that matches, this at least works all the time so it is not essential.

I may need to rethink these because the prices went up A LOT on the fridge and Stove since last week.
   -New vacuum, that actually sucks (Sam's Club has the best price on a Dyson)
   -Washing Machine/dryer that are energy/water efficient and don't smoke if loaded 1/2 full.

And since I am obviously dreaming I would go buy my husband his Jeep Rubicon (still used). 

If everything showed up all at once then what would I have to dream about? I think I easily just spent about $25,000 in my head....

What are you dreaming about?


Namine said...

I love dreaming shopping! The best part is when you see those dreams happening! And eventually they all will! Lucky you with a friend who has good taste in clothes and passes them on! So jealous your getting a gas stove! They make the best smores and french toast!

Kerrie said...

I can't wait until some of it comes true! You are SO right on gas stoves I have been dreaming of having one again for 10 years. Lucky me only one burner on my current stove works all the time so it will happen soon.

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