Friday, July 29, 2011

Fall...where are you?

I have so many beautiful things I would like to share photos of but I have been sick and swamped with things that HAVE to be done. Darn life! :)

Right now all I can think about is that I cant wait until fall so I can use my fire pit (I am calling it mine as my husband doesn't seem to care for it, weird right?) It has been to hot to bother lighting it this summer and I have a shortage of wood. Next week I am going to work on the wood issue since we need it for our indoor fireplace as well. Sadly that is not my fire pit, but I really like how it looks! I kind of would like a propane one so I don't smell like smoke every night. I am definitely watching sales for one of those!

I better get back to work as I am on a time shortage today! Have a wonderful weekend!


Namine said...

oh I love that picture! A propane fire pit would be fantastic!!


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