Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Obviously I am behind as I didn't do Weekly Money Checkup this week. We were driving home from a nice little vacation. As glad as I know we were to see people we love September has been a CRAZY month and I am glad to be home.

So I have LOTS of things to catch up on since I haven't been home much for about 2 weeks. I did dreaded laundry all day yesterday and have more today and I deep cleaned our two full bathrooms. Mostly I have lots of cleaning left on my list but I have errands/shopping that needs done as well and frankly that sounds like more fun.

But first on my list this morning is to get orders out in the mail and write up a game plan of new pieces of jewelry to make the next two weeks before my jewelry show. I can't wait for October so I can get my fall decorations out as well. :)

Hope you are having a busy fantastic week too!


Namine said...

glad your back safely and hope the wedding went wonderfully! Good luck with the cleaning! That's my plan for the day!

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