Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekly Money Checkup...on Tuesday

Whenever there is a Monday holiday I seem to slack at getting my one frequent post up. Well anytime there is a holiday at all I really don't have time to get on the computer. I miss reading others blogs but it is so refreshing to do other things. So here is my Weekly Money Checkup on a Tuesday.

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on ? Really I have only been to the grocery store but my husband spent $95 on materials to run a gas line for my stove that arrives next week.

2. Today I am thankful we have great friends and neighbors. We attended BBQ's Saturday, Sunday and Monday night.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was that I have a SUPER talented husband and father. Saturday they installed a gas line into my kitchen for my new stove that is arriving the 12th. I kind of wish I had gotten a bid from a professional so I would know how much they saved us. My dad thinks it would have cost us $500-600 to have a professional put it in.

4. I will consider this week a success if I get the main floor mopped and the guest bathtub scrubbed this morning before I pick up a friend at the airport. Instead I am on the computer :)

5. I am willing to splurge on ? Really I try to find the best deal on everything if I can. One thing is I will pay more for higher quality products because in my experience (sheets, most clothing, leather shoes, etc) lasts a lot longer when you buy nicer things. I have a set of nice sheets I bought almost 10 years ago and used them every day for about 6 of those years that still are in better shape than cheaper ones I bought 3 years ago.

I CANT wait to share pictures next week of my stove! My husband not only installed a gas line this weekend he also installed a microwave above the stove area. I have so much more counter space and I LOVE it! We have a house guest this afternoon through tomorrow and then more Thursday evening through Sunday. It is going to be a busy crazy week. Hope you have as much fun this week as we are planning to! Tomorrow we are going to my dad and his brothers cabin to relax in the mountains! Enjoy!


Namine said...

I AM SO SO SO Excited for your new stove!!! I seriously can't wait to see photos!!

that is pretty awesome about the gas line!! My dad does those and he charges tons of money for it! So bonus hubs and dad could do it!

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