Thursday, September 22, 2011

:) SMILE! New Ideas in the Works

I am just in a GREAT mood at the moment. Life is good! I have been pretty snappy lately especially if I need a snack...I bought lots of good snacks this week at the grocery store. Check that off my to do list.

I am LOVING my new stove even though I have only been home less than 5 days to use it and we are leaving again. :( The oven works (no exploding cakes), all 4 burners work, and it looks so snazzy! The microwave above the stove also makes a HUGE difference in counter space.

I woke up this morning to some orders in my inbox, that makes my day! Especially since I had to increase the price on Purity Bracelets with the costs of precious metals. I haven't been making much jewelry with sterling because of that. I haven't made the kind of jewelry/beaded items I love to make in a long time due to the target market that comes to my jewelry shows. I am altering that next week, I miss actually loving what I am doing. I like big chunky jewelry and as tired as I am of making beaded ornaments (over 12 years now) they still sell well and I can make them with my eyes closed.

So the next thing on my list is to go back to making things I LOVE! While fitting in making ornaments and bib/burp cloth sets (I can't keep up with the demand). Lately I have been doing a LOT of alterations so I need to do a little advertising and get back into that full time. I make more money using my sewing skills anyways. Even better my sister brought me an old sewing machine my mom gave her and I am going to start doing sewing lessons. Over the years I have had many many people ask me about sewing lessons for themselves and their kids. I have over $1500 invested in my machines and was not comfortable putting beginners on them, now I can give lessons. Thanks Cheryl! As I have a jewelry show coming up in the next 3 weeks I am going to start advertising after that.

I have BIG ideas in the works to increase my profits around my schedule in the next couple of months. The bed in my studio is leaving and a table for customers to stand on for hemming is taking its place. I used to stitch patches on military uniforms in college, do bridesmaid alterations, alterations for several sororities, basic hemming, made costumes within the theater dept. and for a small film (Firecracker), and most recently turned a wedding dress with a train into a cocktail style dress for my sister (apparently the dress stores wont do that). I have been putting off doing alterations for brides since I graduated as they can be CRAZY but I think I need to go for it!

Whew that was a long post! I am so excited that I had to share! Oh and Namine that rug came from Home Decorators, I saved over $300 ordering it from them which kind of made up for the long wait. I am cheap and it was exactly what I wanted at a WAY better price.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend as mine starts today! My husband is even off work :)


Namine said...

Og my goodness why can't we live closer!! I have so many great dresses that need alterations! And so many adult friends that want to leave how to sew! I am so excited for all your changes!

I am definitely checking out this Home Decorators! I want a rug!! A nice one and savings three hundred is HUGE! Fingers crossed they ship across the border!!

HAVE FUN WITH HUSBAND!!! That is soooooo exciting!!

Schürl said...

1) I should have charged rent or a percentage of profits for my sewing maching (kidding).
2) Are you getting rid of the twin or the full? Perhaps I could purchase said spare bed from you and store it at Mom and Dad's? If the next job is good enough, I'd like to have a place with a guest room.
3) Call me to discuss point 2.

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