Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Lists

I am REALLY struggling with this right now. I asked my husband early for his this year so I could watch for sales and he usually only has really expensive things that he would like so he has a hard time coming up with a list.

His list makes me laugh because it is kind of random.

-New Slippers
-3 Fire Extinguishers
-Snow Boots (he wants lace up hunting/camo ones from somewhere like Bass Pro or Cabela's so they can be used for more than one activity)
-A heater for his garage (I took a picture of the one he wants)
-A new Ipod dock for our stereo system, our really old one wont charge his phone and play music apparently. This one is hard because I only seem to find the ones with speakers attached.

And whether or not he likes it he is getting a locking gun safe from me. We have WAY too many guns. If I am able to find a reasonable small hand gun safe he is getting one of those too. He very rarely spends any money on himself though so I try to get him things he wants. Good thing I have a small fund set aside just for his Christmas gifts. :)

Making a list for me is hard, mostly because the things I usually want are household needs. For instance my new vacuum (that was a need having two dogs).  On Monday I had one thing on my list.....paring knives (they are always dirty because I eat so much fruit.) But yesterday I saw one of those SodaStream machines and saw you can make flavored carbonated water with them. I LOVE that. Not very practical and it would take up room in my limited cupboard space, but I really think I would use it a lot. I am not very good at making lists like this. Now if you asked me what I would like done around our house I could make a huge list.

At least I have his stocking done. How is your Christmas List/shopping going?


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