Friday, November 18, 2011

Online Shopping is the Best

Online Christmas shopping is the best! I sat on my computer yesterday and got most of it done! I still need to buy two things for my husband (shipping was too much online) and something for my dad. Other than that I need to wrap a few things and make a couple of things and I am done. 

My plate is full at the moment so getting this out of the way makes me so relieved. That and the money I had budgeted for Christmas can pay off medical bills since I have extra! Sad I know that I am excited about that but not owing money makes me happy! Getting just a little bit behind makes it hard to catch back up!

Since we are staying home for Christmas this year I think I am going to get my tree out Thanksgiving day and decorate so I can put things under it once I wrap them. I wish I could share all the things I ordered but its a secret!

Have a great weekend!


Namine said...

oh retail therapy and christmas are the best!! Yea for doing it all and paying bills!!

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