Friday, December 23, 2011

Dogs for Free..........

I have been trying to get all kinds of things done as of course I am behind. Stuck to me wherever I go though is at least one of my dogs, until my husband is home they wont get much for than a foot away from me. They are both driving me NUTS! Especially since I am trying to clean and lets face it dogs are mess makers, they do not help clean.

All I can say is all our beds and bathrooms are clean and the main floor has been swept. I am not moping as my parents dog will be staying while they are traveling and with the snow outside and 3 dogs in my house I really can't see the point in bothering. I about bad after all the dust from my husband wiring our surround. Now I just have a few things left to do and I can get back to writing thank you notes. Right now all I want for Christmas is for someone to vacuum the couches and do my ironing.

We have an excess of cookies since I have been busy baking for gifts and my husband brought home a basket full of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory goodies that was a gift from one of his sub contractors. The subs usually give gifts when my husband has been on big jobs but he does lots of little ones now and its nice that this sub thought of him.

It is beautiful outside with lots of pretty snow but I see some dripping already today! I love how it looks but I hope it refrains from snowing again because we have so many friends traveling right now. I have wasted enough time on the computer and better get back to work. Most of what is on my list HAS to be done today. :(

Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy those you love! And if anyone wants a dog or two.....


Angela Tolsma said...

HOPE YOU HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Good luck with the dogs

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