Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Money Checkup

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1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on dinner Saturday night with some old and new friends. I made reservations for the 6 of us at a Brazilian restaurant that has AWESOME food. One of the couples is from Romania and they were excited to try something new and the other couple introduced us to lots of different foods when we lived in Phoenix so I knew they would want to try something new in Denver. It was a nice night, and nice to get dressed up since we rarely go out to eat.

2. Today I am thankful this weekend is over. We had a Christmas dinner Friday and the one Saturday and Saturday day some other WONDERFUL friends came over and helped complete the TV/Stereo/Surround system wiring. I am beat! And this week still has so much that needs done. I am sitting in my chair for an hour and then getting my butt in gear.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was make Christmas cookies, peppermint bark, book marks and spiced tea for gifts. I still need to make more cookies but that can wait a few days.

4. I will consider this week a success if I complete all the things on my to do list to get our family room carpet cleaned. All the drilling into concrete and drywall etc. made a lot of dust. The upstairs of our house is spotless but we ran out of steam yesterday after deep cleaning that. Hopefully I have the energy to get at least 1/2 of my list done the next few days, it is long.

5. One of my holiday traditions is ???. I don't really know anymore, we had been away from our families for so many years we just kind of did whatever worked that year. Last year my sisters came over and one of my cousins and we made Christmas cookies together. I liked that but we wont be able to do that this year. Maybe I need to think up a new tradition? My one personal tradition is trying to get all my shopping done really early. I don't hate the lines at the stores but the traffic drives me insane.

Since I am bad about posting more than once a week have a Merry Christmas!!!! Hopefully I will be able to post again with pictures of our finished family room but this week is packed full! Enjoy!


Angela Tolsma said...

peppermint bark sounds amazing! and you made spiced tea??

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hope you have a fantastic one!!

oh and thanks for your comment. I always worry that the first book will be so amazing and then the series will go downhill. Hope that's not the case!

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