Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Color is never easy

I love color! Yet I hide from it because I am afraid that I will make our house look like a circus if I give into my cravings.

I have been trying to do all the major items more neutral (paint) so I can throw in accessories like pillows with lots of colors. I can sew, easy cheap color fix. BUT I haven't been able to figure out what fabrics to pick as I like too many. Since I hate to spend a lot of money I don't want to re due it again in the near future.

Tomorrow afternoon my sister is coming as we are having a garage sale and she is going to help me make some decisions. We have a very similar eclectic style and I know if I pick something too wild she will let me know, its nice to have another opinion. I love that Colin pretty much lets me decorate however I want but I can't get him to give me an opinion on anything. Sometimes you just need help! My sister also shops on the cheap and finds awesome pieces for pennies but has a good imagination. So we are making a trip to some stores like Ethan Allen for color ideas and maybe Scandinavian Design because I think she will like it.

Hopefully we are successful as I wanted lots of color in this house because its ours. Right now due to choosing a neutral paint I still feel like we are in a rental just an awesome one without white walls. Sigh...and I thought this process was going to be easy now that I have the opportunity.


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