Monday, July 26, 2010


I really wanted to share photos from our fabulous week of camping but in the process of cleaning I forgot to get the photos from Colin before he left for work. We had a great week enjoying family and the outdoors. Too bad we had to come back to reality. As in reality I really mean the laundry that we created camping.So after cleaning up the majority of our items I have been working on projects that have been floating around my head. Mainly the laundry room, before we went camping I painted the cabinet and Colin added some shelves so it wasn't floating in the middle of the wall. I ran by the thrift store for some items to add to the "Laundry" sign I made. I still need to get a candle and at least one real basket because it kind of looks cheesy. But it still looks better than the floating worn oak cabinet with old brass hardware. It may take me awhile to figure out what to add. Other than painting the water valve box I think I am mostly done in this room :).
I have been collecting plates for a few months planning on hanging them up the vaulted ceiling behind the kitchen cabinets but I kept feeling I would hate it. So of course I changed my mind. I just hung three of them, the bottom red and white cake plate belonged to my mom's grandmother. :) I still have a few heirloom plates that didn't work but I will find them a home. I am glad it just gave the kitchen a little more color and I could tie in the teal chairs a little more. I LOVE them but they are difficult to decorate around.

Hope you have a great week. My plans are super exciting I tell you....lots of waiting in lines and phone calls to voice recordings sounds about right.


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