Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a wonderful life!

Yikes this week went fast! We have been staying so busy I am still wondering when it will get old. This weekend we have so far managed to stay home. :) Staying home does not seem to mean you will get more done. Yesterday my sister and I had a garage sale...then Colin and I went out to a concert...stayed up way too late dancing and having fun. That definitely made us drag this morning but Colin is happy since he got to dance and listen to live music that we love. We had a blast!

Saturday has consisted of our usual run to Home Depot, only one weekend since we have moved in have we missed our new tradition. We picked up our lawn mower which wasn't functioning and was still under warranty thankfully getting fixed. Tonight we are joining a few friends, some that we met in Phoenix and some Spokane/here for a bbq.

But the best part of the weekend so far is my new bookkeeping software arrived and so did my supply order for some custom requests. I love mail, especially when it isn't bills. Even better, I got a check for answering questions for a genetic study my sisters and I have participated in since we were kids. Extra money is always appreciated when you don't expect it.

Hope you are having a wonderful busy weekend as well.

Later this week I will share some new photos of our house sans the ugly dead bushes and our new the way my parents are awesome!

We are looking forward to our next weekend even more though because we will be camping with more family we love and are so glad we get to see. Yeah to summer and "home"!


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