Friday, August 6, 2010


This is a sample photo of the boarder around my craft room. See that nice mirror? Its about 6ft long and not hung level. Everytime I hang something level I notice it more and its driving me NUTS! The boarder around the ceiling that is also hung level wasn't helping.
So I armed myself with my spray bottle and plastic scraper and got to work on one of the problems. Of course I had to paint after that as they painted around the border.

So far I only have the closet and one small wall painted as this room has more stuff in it than the rest of the house combined. It took three coats :( but I am loving having some color in my work space. See how nicely organized the closet is now!
It looks more pink in this photo than it really is. I'm really glad I didn't chicken out because I really like it so far. Now I just need to get some strong friends help me take the huge mirror off the wall....Colin want's no part in my mess. Hopefully I can get one more wall done by the end of this weekend. :)


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