Monday, August 23, 2010

Wrap Up

I thought I would stop and share what I am up to and what we did this weekend.
I organized all the yard tools on one side of the garage. Luckily the walls came covered in peg board. If my car wasn't in the way the other side of this wall has hoses and then all the extension cords. Easy Peasy to find things long as we keep it this way. :)
This little room off the garage still looks messy but it is much better. Colin hung a shelf for his stereo and made a brace for all the extra wood in the corner. There is a snazzy new vice as well. The trash can was full from cleaning out junk from the previous owners so next week this should look better. These walls all have peg board as well. :)
Here is the fabric I bought to make a kitchen curtain to coordinate with my kitchen chairs.
And finally I filled out invitations for an open house jewelry show for family/friends that have wanted to see the house.

I have a long list to finish today and I am on a roll so I better get back to work. Have a great week!


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