Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words need Prayer

The poor little guy trying to hide behind a chandelier. This little guy has been throwing up constantly for the last 2 hours. Not good, not good at all. I unfortunately am seeing all the bad signs in the "nice" spots I keep cleaning up. I was so happy he hasn't gotten really sick since we have moved....3 months of starting to feel more confident he is getting healthy again squashed.

I have a small stock of backup medicine for him as his condition reacts and gets bad fast, the poor guy threw that up as well. :( All I want to do is cry right now because I hate when Gunther feels terrible and I am helpless.

I feel guilty as currently a friend from high school is losing his little girl due to an inoperable brain tumor and I am whining about our dog. Diseases suck all the way around. It makes me sad that life works in these mysterious ways. With Delaney I know all we can do is to pray her suffering isn't terrible. Pray for guidance because we don't have the answers and need help along the way. Pray because everyone you know can use a prayer for small or large reasons.

I am stepping off my soap box now to try and concentrate on life moving around me. Sorry for the downer of a post.


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