Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kerrie=Ornament Maker

No photos today folks. :( Currently I am working on ornaments, I am sold out of all the popular colors at the moment. I love selling things but being sold out shortly before Christmas is freaking me out. So from now on I am making ornaments at night while watching TV. I need to make a lot!

I really would like to have three times the amount of ornaments than normal because my mom was asked to participate in the Christmas tour in my home town. We decided that her Christmas tree shall be all my ornaments with a sign that they are for sale. She has a HUGE tree so I better get to work.

In other news I am also sold out of purity bracelets at the moment! It has been a good last few weeks but running out of items also means that I had to make a supply order that really hurt my pocketbook. At least I payed my order and payed myself this month, after new licenses etc. and moving again I am glad to be out of the red. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT SUPPORT ME! I love you!!!!


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