Friday, October 1, 2010


I haven't been writing on here because I haven't taken any photos lately. Blog posts without photos are not much fun. I have not been very productive this week is all I can say.

-I met with my accountant to straighten out my filing issues, everything is much clearer and makes me breath easier. :)

-I bought some fake pumpkins and carved a cool ghost into one. I most likely will still buy a few real ones but the fake ones wont rot on the front porch. Besides that I wont have wasted 30-45minutes carving my difficult design.

-Did a mountain of laundry, all folded but it has been sitting on the dryer not put away.....why is that always the hardest part?

-Painted the damaged metal fireplace surround. I ran out of paint though so it's a work in progress. Note to self, get another can of high heat paint at Home Depot.

Honestly other than keeping the kitchen clean I don't feel like I have done much at all. My goal today is finish laundry, wash all sheets (we had guests), clean bathrooms, dust, mop kitchen, and vacuum. Not a bad list at all but since I don't feel motivated it might take all day.

I will share photos of the fireplace and my pumpkins as soon as I get the camera charged up. My dad is coming this weekend to help Colin put in some motion sensor lights outside and a light fixture in our guest bedroom. On top of that he is bringing us a newer stove which at least should work consistently unlike my current one.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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