Friday, September 24, 2010

Kentucky Coffee Tree...a stick in the yard

We are on our way to Kansas, oh I wish I had some sparkly red worries the drive is only 5 1/2 hours not over 20! Yeah to living close to our families!

I thought I would share a photo of our new Kentucky Coffee tree that we planted last Sunday. Thankfully it has rained twice this week and the weather has been cooler. Hopefully it will have enough water the next few days. In the next few weeks I think the poor thing is going to look like we stuck a stick in the front yard, the posts to keep it straight are bigger around than it is. At least we planted ours, my mom still has hers in the container we bought them in.

I know you can't see that the yard is recovering from neglect but it is. :) Colin and I fertilized the yard and he trimmed up the butterfly bushes. Next spring I plan on transplanting the bushes to the backyard and planting some drought tolerant plants up front as well as adding some seed for the dead areas of the lawn. The very best thing we have done though was remove the dead bushes by the front porch. We are getting there slowly, I see the appeal of buying a new house where you don't have to clean up the yard mess of the past owners. I am still working on getting rid of all the rock in the front flower beds before spring...I would like to do the same with the back but there is only one of me. Colin is not interested in the yard other than the tree, that is really the only thing he has been set on since we bought the house. I may have to load the truck up with rock this coming week and take it to my Aunt Cindy's so one flower bed will be ready.

Tuesday I have an appointment with my accountant to make sure my business files are all correct to file this quarter. They also specialize in my accounting software so I can get some guidance. :) I am so glad life is coming together and is good.

Enjoy your weekend and those around you!


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