Thursday, September 2, 2010

Delicious and Awesome

September is going to be a busy month I think. My list of things that need to be done and I would like to get done is overflowing. I started off with printing coupons for things we like to eat. I was really good about this before we moved and saved on average $7-9 per week on groceries. I have been failing at this but I don't normally spend more than $25 a week now that we have a freezer full of beef and everyone keeps giving us garden produce.

Last night I blew my frugalness! :( I went and had Brazilian food for my friend Julie's birthday. It was delicious but not cheap. Several of us had never had it before so we shared several different appetizers and deserts. I also had a Brazilian drink that reminded me of a Mojito. They had 2 pages of Rum on their drink pages, maybe I can talk Colin into going there for a special occasion if I bribe him with Rum. He will try anything but that doesn't always mean he will like it, I think he will like this food and the Rum selection.
I am so grateful that we were introduced to Julie and she is awesome! I have to thank our friend Lexi's husband John for that. :) I have been out with all the other girls twice now and they are all wonderful. Its nice to meet people you have things in common with and enjoy their company. Its REALLY nice when you move a lot.
We have house guests for this long weekend and I have been slacking on cleaning....I have a lot to do. Saturday we are going to a bbq at a friend from college's house that lives near us and we might go to the Denver Zoo. You can't help but be grateful and appreciative of the people surrounding you. Since I need to clean and update all my paperwork I probably wont be online much the next couple of days.
Enjoy your long weekend!


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