Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Squashing Bugs

I had to title this post as such because as I sit here my computer screen is attracting small bugs. They aren't staying long though....

Tonight was interesting to say the least. I got a call from Home Depot asking if they could send someone from Rainsoft over to test our water and it would take about 40 minutes in exchange for a $20 Home Depot gift card. So I talked to Colin and said ok, well it took over 2 hours. Both of us feel educated about our water now which may not be a good thing. In the future we definitely will get one of these systems. Colin and I both think the change in water might make a big difference in my skin allergies. I do feel bad that we essentially wasted the woman's time, she had to be one of the best sales people I have ever met. Not a bad sleazy sales person (I have worked with way too many) but one that is selling something she honestly believes in 100% and it showed. I think she was shocked by the fact that we told her we would be waiting and will keep her card but we will not open an account to pay off a purchase, we want to pay cash for it. I am pretty sure that almost everyone that has Rainsofts demonstration done would want their system and gets it right then. I know our water is much better here than many places we have lived and that disturbs me after tonight. The best part is that their system can come with us if we move.

Enough about that, now I sound like a Rainsoft sales person. Well I am a salesperson, even she bought some earrings from me while she was here. Anyways after that Colin and I hung out at our bar for some reason and then played Foosball....I lost.

It was just a strange evening, but now I have $20 to spend at Home Depot. :) And since we frequent that establishment at least once a week it was worth the 2 educational hours.

On a bad note that I need to get out. Colin's company is working on projects in Phoenix again, this time since we have a house they would pay all living expenses while we lived there. I am 100% against not moving with Colin, but I do not want to leave CO or our house. Since neither of us knows any specifics other than they are putting anyone with hospital experience (aka Colin etc.) on bids this may not even happen. I am just praying that he wont have to go, he already told me if he does I should keep working on my business here because my business can't grow roots without staying in one place. I think of all the opportunities moving has provided us but sometimes I really wish this was not our life. This is when being an adult sucks! I hope not only for our sake but for our friends sake that lived down there at same time we did, they would go before us and they have 2 little girls.

Sorry this has become an odd outlet for my thoughts but I can't keep them bottled up. Hope you are having a wonderful week. :)


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