Thursday, September 9, 2010

Comcast Sucks

Please see my post yesterday! And read the nice comment from Mark Casem at Comcast. First I would like to ask "Why the hell would I give you my account info?" "Your vague information is sketchy and from checking you out online, if you actually do work for Comcast no one seems to think you helped much." Second, maybe Comcast should work on their firsthand customer service instead of having "employees" apologize after the fact. After you tick people off, after you provide shoddy service and DONT fix it!

After Comcast supposedly fixed our problem my Internet went out 3 times last night, for all I know it might have gone out more but I had to sleep. This morning it worked but I was gone all day and not able to monitor it.

I plan on wasting my day again tomorrow and complaining again. Mark if you are reading this TWO of my neighbors bills were dropped for this month due to the service and I can barely get my call answered. Apparently my 4 nasty calls were not nasty enough to get treated like a paying customer. After wasting my time calling "your" company I am going to check into other options! And I would appreciate you not interrupting my husband at work trying to sell him more options while you haven't fixed the problem!

Also after going behind my back yard and checking Comcast's cables....they are not buried in the ground and some look like they have been chewed on and are hanging on some of the neighbors fences. My next step is to call the City because that can't be up to code and your lines are on their property. By the way several of our neighbors are communicating and are doing the same since you at "Comcast" can't seem to get your stories straight and not give each of us different bogus stories. Maybe you need to learn how to communicate!

For those of you that read my blog, sorry for the continued ranting!


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