Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kitchen Cabinet Update

Thought I would say hello while I am waiting for my paint to dry....:) I bought a paint sprayer, as of right now it is tied with my electric staple gun for favorite tool. I am loving it!I decided if I didn't start now painting the kitchen I would never get around to it. Spur of the moment ideas might not be that great of an idea. Anyways I primed the crappy laminate sides of the cupboards and am painting them with my roller but the worn oak drawers and cabinets are getting treated to my sprayer! :)

I only have room to work on about 1/4 of the kitchen at a time so right now I have one door and and 5 drawers in my makeshift paint booth. Tomorrow I will do more doors, they take longer though since the front and backs need done. What a mess! My goal is to be done with at least one side of the kitchen by Friday. I am not sure I can get away with the kitchen being this messy much longer than that.
Next week I may tackle adding the crown molding around the top that I wanted to add. :) Hope you are having a productive week as well!


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